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Hari Bhushan

Welcome to Hari's Pages.

Hello! my name is Hari Bhushan. I am currently a student of Computer science in JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY check out my college, This website is the medium of sharing my projects and ideas to the world. I personally believe in the Open source projects so that's why i thought of spreading the concept.Here I would like to share my Java projects ,Some of the C++ concepts,discuss assignments given in jadavpur university.


What I believe

Programming languages are just tools for telling computers what to do. It is better to have a strong command of one than a weak command of a bunch. Good programmers have at least one language that they know inside and out and can reach for to easily solve whatever problem is at hand.


How to code

It is hard to imagine a good programmer who cannot write a program from scratch.Most of the time you’re not writing a program from scratch. Instead, you’re working with other programmers on a large project.Often times it’s faster to try out a few different solutions and decide which is the most elegant than to figure out the correct one just by thinking about it. If you find “quickly” to be too subjective, consider the inverse: It’s hard to imagine a good programmer who is slow.A lot of people confuse algorithmic thinking with knowing a bunch of particular algorithms like quicksort or binary search. An algorithm is a set of steps describing a calculation. Much of programming is simply describing algorithms to a computer. Being comfortable with algorithmic thinking means having good intuition for how to store and manipulate your data, being able to think both iteratively and recursively, and being able to reason about the performance characteristics of the code you write.

Believe About me

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